21-Day (Keep It Off Program)

Hey Gang!

Chek out our latest program that I have to give credit to past →challengers← for helping me to create.

Over the years past challengers have approached me asking that I create a program to get them back on track, re-focused, and re-energized!

There was a great need for this program and in creating it I had to make sure it was up to my standards of a successful program...

(AND) I had to do more than just offer an awesome program...


So as of today the doors are re-opened for our 21-Day (Keep If Off Program) and my team and I are ready for you!

Watch the video to hear all about it.

Complete written details are listed below...

The 21-Day (Keep It Off Program) Q & A

1.) Who can participate?

Answer: Past challengers, Tribe members of our camps, and Non-Members.

2.) Do I have to attend a meeting somewhere?

Answer: No... You will get a video from me going over everything you need to do, the eating plan, ect that you can watch when you have the time.

3.) Will I have to go somewhere to weigh in at a certain time?

Answer: No... We will give you instructions on weighing in from your home using the video recorder on your smart phone.

4.) For my workouts am I limited to a certain time and the camp I choose?

Answer: No... You can utilize all camp times we have available and change them daily if you so desire. You may also attend any camp at any time during the program. (Edmond, OKC, Moore, Tulsa, Yukon, Midwest City) or use our LIVE broadcast system to participate from HOME... :)

5.) Can my family eat what's on the eating plan for this program?

Answer: Absolutely! One of the main focus of my team was to make this family friendly with all the recipes that come with this program.

6.) What are the requirements for this 21-Day (Keep It Off Program)

7.) What is the cost for this program?

8.) Do I have to join on a camp membership if I do this program?

Answer: No..:) You are more than welcome to pay the $157.00 (Non-member fee) and after the completion of the program return to wherever you were working out before... :) We just want to reward those that decide to join our tribe family by giving them $5.00 per pound lost toward our camp membership program...

I'm super excited to be offering this much needed program to everyone that needs that kick start to a better quality of life...

I love ya and look forward to seeing you rock the 21-Day (Keep It Off Program) :)

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.