Who is Travis Garza?

Travis Garza

He's appeared over and over again throughout his career on KOCO Channel 5, KWTV Channel 9, FOX 25 and KTOK talk radio spreading "the fitness truth." His articles and fat loss tips have been published in newspapers, fitness equipment magazines, and fitness magazines such as the Parrillo Press and Beverly Internationals "No Nonsense" monthly magazine. His critically acclaimed publications all empower people to achieve physical change. He has trained Hollywood Movie Stars such as Ryan Merriman (Final Destination, Taken, The Pretender), Brides to be, and just men and women looking to gain control over their bodies from 14 to 94 years of age. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and designs fitness and nutrition plans.

Travis is a consumer activist who has been battling fitness fraud and using his energy, passion, and presence to bring "the truth" to thousands.

As former Director and owner of several fitness centers, Travis learned the "inside story" behind much of America's frustration with fitness. He began his own Personal Training Career in Oklahoma City in 1986 and has since become one of the most sought after fitness professionals in the nation leaving a trail of lean, fit bodies in his wake everywhere he goes.

"Travis Garza's Fat Loss Camps" (As seen on FOX 25) has brought positive change to thousands of people from Edmond, Moore, OKC, Yukon, Tulsa, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Midwest City, and at Home from all over the world using his LIVE Broadcasting system. Travis has taken the exact same program he has used for 30 plus years to help clients drop thousands of pounds at his 8- "Fat Loss Camp" locations. (www.melt20in42.com) & At Home (www.melt20in42athome.com). Travis is committed to continue to bring the simplicity of Body Transformation to thousands more through his fat loss camp locations, seminar appearances and new programs.

Travis is referred to as "The Master of Body Transformation" and maintains one of the highest success rates in the fitness industry. He has received several honors and awards for the positive changes he has inspired and his public battle against fitness misinformation.

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I have made it my lifes work through education and experience to transform clients bodies to their full potential in person or in the comfort of their home. I get great satisfaction out of seeing my clients achieve their goals. Im also the only trainer who guarentees results and will back it up everytime.

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.