(6-week) Butt & Thigh Program

Hey Gang!

I'm sure most of you have heard of our famous Butt & Thigh program that sells out each time we offer it!

FYI: We now offer our Butt & Thigh program at our (Moore "Fat Loss" Camp) located at 2412 N. Moore Avenue, Moore OK 73160 as well as our (Edmond Private Training Center) located at 305 Wimbledon Road, Edmond OK 73003.

As you may know clients presently enrolled in this specialty program have first choice to enroll in the next program start date.

With that being said we have limited spots open for the (Edmond) & (Moore) Butt & Thigh Program.

→Please read below for an overview of what this program is←

For a few years now you have heard about my "Butt & Thigh" Program that (WAS) used EXCLUSIVELY in my (6-week) 20lb Weight Loss Challenge to help trim down and shape my 6-week challengers Butt & Thighs.

After months of getting emails asking me to offer this to the public... I finally caved in.

I will warn you...the "Butt & Thigh" program is no cake walk. It is a (6-week) all out assault targeting nothing but your "Butt & Thighs... (2-Days per week for 6-weeks)

Each week will get harder than the week before so that your "Butt & Thighs" cannot get used to the workout's and have no choice butt to make a change.

So that you fully understand what your getting into let me be perfectly clear on the format of the "Butt & Thigh" program.

Register now and we will notify you as soon as we open this program.

Thanks and I look forward to kicking your "Butt"...:)

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.