(4-week) Elite Academy Training Program

4 Week Program


As you know we have several programs and the two that draw the most attention are our (6-week) 20lb/ Weight Loss Challenge and our (6-week) Hard Body Challenge.

As the year's have passed and our challenges have grown I have received many emails mainly from my (Tribe members) in regards to a program that is (NOT) a challenge.

Many people want to take their bodies to the (NEXT LEVEL) as we do with our challengers without all the requirements our challenges mandate.

In short... they want a program that is (NEXT LEVEL) training that produces results like our challenge's do.

This program was built for those (NOT) wanting to take a challenge but get challenge results.

So I give you the... (4-week) ELITE Academy Training Program!

The details of the (4-week) ELITE Academy Training Program are listed below:

  1. It is a (4-week) program NOT a (6-week) program

  2. You will be given a detailed eating plan to follow that will give maximum results along with adequate recuperation from the workouts.

  3. The program is designed to shed body fat and keep muscle so you get a tight, sculpted look.

  4. You will get the ELITE Academy Training T-shirt so everyone knows you are taking your body to the next level.

  5. You will be placed in a group of (8) to guarantee you work at the top level of your capability.

  6. This program is only offered at our EDMOND & MOORE private training facilities for now. As we grow the program will eventually be offered at each camp location.

  7. (Edmond Private Training Center) located at 305 Wimbledon Road, Edmond OK 73003
    (Moore Private Training Center) located at 2412 N. Moore Avenue, Moore OK 73160
    (8-people per group... no exceptions)

  8. You will attend Academy Training (2) times per week on Tues & Thurs at the time you have chosen. The Academy Training sessions will last 30 minutes.

  9. Tribe members... this program is used in addition to your camp workouts. I recommend you attend (2) camp workouts per week along with (2) Academy workouts per week for max results. Those in better condition can attend (3) camp workouts per week along with (2) Academy workouts per week.

  10. Start date TBA

  11. Be sure you have been working out to some extent and are in generally good condition. If you are just starting to work out in our camp and have never worked out before... this program is not for you. Again... this is for those that have been working out for awhile and are looking to take their bodies to the next level.

  12. This program was designed for our camp members we call tribe that do not want to be in a challenge but want to be pushed to the next level of their capabilities.

  13. Cost: If you are a (Tribe Member) of one of my camps you get the discounted rate of - $159.00 for the program.

(None Members) are welcome so members can team up with a friend that is not a camp member. The cost to a (None Member) is - $199.00 for the program.

Hey I love ya and look forward to seeing you at the (4-week) ELITE Academy Training Program!

Register now and we will notify you as soon as we open this program.

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.