(30-Day) Fit 3D Package Deal

Hey Gang!

Check out my latest program called.... The (30-Day) Fit 3D Package Deal


Many people gauge their success in regards to losing weight solely by the scale.

Being a former Bodybuilder I learned the importance of keeping muscle and shedding body fat to get the look of being sculpted, toned, and tight with as little body fat as possible.

With today's weight loss industry lying on a regular basis to sell their magic pill they have taught the world to gauge success in regards to weight loss by the number on the scale.

Realistically when you weigh on the scale its nothing more than what you weigh under gravity at a given moment in time. Our weight fluctuates based on if we have eaten, drank a beverage, gone to the restroom, etc.

I've seen the number on the scale devastate people solely by it not being the number they were looking for.

The reality is they may have lost more body fat and inches than they realize but didn't have the means or technology to see it or check it. Body fat does not change based on what you just ate, drank, or went to the restroom.

That is why I invested in the Fit 3D Pro Scanner for my clients and challengers.


With this technology there is not debating if your program is actually working or not. No more being confused on which program is the best or which programs produce true fat loss results.

→This MRI technology takes approximately 420 scans and tells you your exact measurements in the areas you are most concerned about.

→The Fit 3D Pro-Scanner creates the most detailed 3D avatar of yourself so you can visually see your problem areas as it rotates on your screen right in front of you.

FYI: You will create a username and password to gain access to the portal. ONLY you will see your results to ensure privacy.

I have been using the Fit 3D Pro-Scanner with my 6-week challenger's since around January so they can actually see more than just the weight loss on the scales. The reviews have been awesome in the changes they have seen using the Fit 3D Pro-Scanner.

I realize by the emails I receive that there are a lot of people who do not want to participate in my 6-week challenge but would like a program to get them jump started... but have no idea where to start.

Or....maybe you are a past camp member who has let themselves get back into bad habits and need a jump start program to get going again.

If that describes you....then this is your program!

The (30-Day) Fit 3D Package Deal is the complete package. Its not just another place to workout and hope you get results. Its the place where you're going to get the following to make sure you get results and see them in ways other than the number on the scale.

The investment for the program that will get you back on track is $149.00


NOTE: If you are a member of our camp (Tribe member) and would like to schedule a scan (only) the members fee is $50.00 for 2-scans.

If you are NOT a member of our camp and would like to schedule a scan (only) the non-member fee is $75.00 for 2-scans.

Please download the Fit3D Body Scan form for instructions for scheduling your scan and directions to our Fit3D location.

I love ya and look forward to getting you back on track to a better quality of life!

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.