Garza’s Unplugged PT

Many of you know my story of when my career started at the age of 18.

I entered into the world of being a personal trainer but had a different model than anyone else.

This led to the success of where we are today with 10 locations and counting along with several programs to fit different lifestyles and goals that people have for themselves.

Years ago we phased out my personal training business so I could focus on the quality of growth for the company we are today.

For months in the back of my mind I knew I would one day bring back my PT business BUT... I wanted the model to be a (much higher level program) than I had done in the past.

After several months of going to the drawing board and creating a high level program that (would not be for everyone) I am releasing Garza's "Unplugged" PT!

Watch the video to hear about this (High Level) not for everyone program.

Details I go over in the video are below for you to reference.

(All PT sessions will be at our Edmond PT Center located at 305 Wimbledon Road, Edmond OK 73003).

I look forward to you unplugging and focusing on your Goal Specific Target!

Travis L. Garza C.P.F.S., D.T.